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Tuesday, October 9, 2018, 6–9 pm




Welcome to the wilderness of the Polar night! The group will assemble at Hotel Lasaretti. After guests are equipped with warm overalls (if needed), a double-decker Snow Express bus will pick up the group, and the adventure can begin!


The guided tour includes a trip to the wilderness chasing the famous Northern Lights: let’s hope to catch them! There’s much more to this trip, however; you will get to experience the natural surroundings in Finland during the darkest times of the year. Only candle light will be used, no electric lights, like in the old days. The only other source of light will be the stars in the sky—and perhaps the famous Northern Lights! The bus ride will cover the Oulu area, where you can take in the wilderness while chasing the Northern Lights. You can enjoy the landscape as well as listen to stories about the Northern Lights and life in the wilderness.


Come and experience the unforgettable silence and darkness of the wilderness, without electric lights to disturb the experience. We will also see the river running freely in Koiteli, so you can enjoy the sound of the flowing water amidst the breath-taking scenery.


The lower deck of the bus is heated, and when we stop, you can take photos from upper deck, which provides better access to the outdoors. Alternatively, you can hop off the bus and dive into the spectacular show of nature. During the trip, guests will be provided warm drinks and sausages grilled over an open camp fire.


Join us for an adventure in the Finnish wilderness!


If you wish to take part in the guided tour, please preregister for it in conjunction with the conference registration by September 10, 2018.


The price per person is 160€, inclusive of 24% VAT.
The minimum group size per tour is 15, and the maximum size is 50.

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