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ISERN Annual Meeting – October, 8th to 9th, Oulu, Finland

ISERN is a community that believes software engineering research needs to be performed in an experimental context.  Several software engineering research groups have made the paradigm shift to an experimental, empirical software engineering view.

The purpose of this network is to encourage and support the collaboration and exchange of results and personnel among these groups. Specific emphasis is placed on experimentation and empirical studies with development technologies in different environments; the repetition of experiments across environments; and the development and exchange of methods and tools for model building, experimentation, and assessment.


ISERN is open to other academic and industrial groups worldwide that are active in experimental software engineering research and are willing to adopt the experimental framework (see ISERN Manifesto).


ISERN annual meetings are open for ISERN members, candidates and invited observers only.


ISERN meetings are not conference style with refereed papers and presentations. Instead, meetings build on previous meetings, and each session is supposed to foster collaboration, encourage discussions and contribute to developing the knowledge in experimental software engineering. The continuous knowledge building will be formalized in ISERN Experience Factory.

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